Friday, June 6, 2008

White HAGI, Kazu-Chawan, Deishi Shibuya

I won another object, a White HAGI, Kazu-Chawan (tea bowl for tea ceremony), made by the Japanese ceramist Deishi Shibuya. His trademark is a thick white glaze, unevenly applied to show the rough clay beneath the glaze. The inspiration for his unusual style is the old huge cherry tree "USUZUMI SAKURA", listed as a natural treasure in Gifu Prefecture. The glaze is made with straw ash and took Deishi 30 years to develop.

'Usuzumi' apparantly means ‘pale ink color'. This is the tree.

An explanation of the term ‘Kazu-Chawan’ (copied form the seller's website): "KAZU-CHAWAN is the work made in the form where it is intentionally the same so that the teacher of the tea ceremony can carry many teabowls in piles." That explains why this chawan was relatively cheap: 31 euro.

More photo's here, here, here and here.
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