Thursday, June 19, 2008

Shira-hagi Mentori Tsutsu chawan, Deishi Shibuya

I bought this Shira-hagi-te Oni-Hagi Mentori Tsutsu-maccha chawan (white HAGI camfering pipe type powdered-green-tea teabowl ONIHAGI type) made by the Japanese ceramist Deishi Shibuya.

'Tsutsu' means for winter use, at the moment of writing I’m already breaking this rule because I’m drinking from it now (maccha of course). 'Mentori' means 'camfering pipe', which refers to the shape. I'm not 100 percent sure, but the name 'Oni-Hagi' refers to the demon Oni. I also read that the term Oni-Hagi refers to the distinctive cracks in the glaze. Hagi is the origin of the clay. The New York Times has an old (1988) article on Hagi ware: The Where and Ware of Hagi

The motif of this chawan is the famous old cherry tree "USUZUMI SAKURA".
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