Thursday, July 10, 2008

Zen Blackness, lost in the mail

I bought a black chawan (see photo) made by Seigan Yamane but it seems it has been lost in the mail somewhere between Japan and Amsterdam. It should have arrived almost 3 weeks ago.

Oh well, I still have this to read: Zen Blackness,
The Beauty of the Dark Side by Robert Yellin.

Update July 21
Still no black chawan in the mail. I’ll probably have to buy another one. Maybe one of the Rikyu Shichi-shu, the seven 16th century raku bowls Sen no Rikyu owned made by Chojiro, the first Raku potter.

Only three are black, the other four are red.

The kuro (black) raku chawan are called: Hachibaraki, Oguro (‘big black’) and Toyobo (named after a Zen monk of Shinnyo-do temple, who was a good friend of Rikyu).

The red chawan are called: Hayafune (‘fast ship’), Kengyo (‘blind monk’), Kimamori (‘tree guardian’) and Rinzai.

The workshop of Sasaki Shoraku produces copies of all of these chawan. Quite cheaply as well (around 50 - 60 euro). However, if you want a raku chawan made by Sasaki Shoraku III himself (and not by one of his assistants) these chawan will be roughly three times as expensive (around 200 euro). That's (much) more than I'm willing to pay at the moment.
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