Saturday, July 19, 2008

Junmai ‘extra dry’ sake, Harushika

A Junmai ‘extra dry’ sake brewed by Harushika. It’s one of the six sake’s Harushika brews for export.

Commercial Description:
日本の名: 春鹿 純米 超辛口
Rice: Yamada Nishiki
Nihonshu-do: +12
Seimaibuai: 58%

Very dry sake with medium body. Refreshing earthy aroma with hint of flower, combined with crispy citrus fruits flavor and clean bitter finish. [Drunk before and after pasta bolognese, it seemed pretty dry indeed although I have little to compare. I believe the pitch "goes well after a big meal" (see below) is correct. Will buy again, but only to accompany a full dinner.]

Marketing pitch:
“This is about as dry as they get and is nonetheless pleasant and finishes grassy and light bodied. It goes well after a big meal.”

Harushika, or "Spring Deer," takes its name from the deer that roam free in Nara Park. Harushika began by brewing sake for the well-known shrine Kasuga Taisha. Seventy percent of Harushika's brew is junmai and is quite dry indeed. A very subdued nose and clean, smooth flavor combine to give a non-obtrusive flavor profile. Although Harushika is quite pleasant slightly chilled, it goes down smoothly when gently warmed as well.
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