Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tengumai sake

A 720 ml bottle of tokubetsu junmai-shu sake: Tengumai, brewed by Shata Shuzo Co. Quality: Junmai-shu, taste: full flavoured, slightly tangy, medium dry. Rice polishing ratio: 60%, alcohol content: 15,9%, origin: Ishikawa. Only naturally cultivated lactic acid bacillae are used. [excellent sake, although I don't have much reference. For the time being: will buy again. Much better cold than at room temperature]

Founded in 1823 in the late Edo period. At the time it was founded the Kura (brewery) was surrounded by dense forest where Tengu, long-nosed goblins seemed likely to exist. Tengu, according to Japanese tradition, possess mysterious powers. The sake's name, "Tengumai", is derived from the meaning that even Tengu would dance after drinking this sake because it tastes so good. Since its foundation the Shata family has operated the brewery in this beautiful pastoral setting and the present head is the 7th generation. [source]
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