Thursday, September 4, 2008

Texels lamb & salty sea vegetables

Zacht gegaard Texels lamsfilet met zeekool en kokkels, geserveerd met een frisse salade van zilte groenten met krokant gebakken lever, zwezerik en gerookte lamstong, afgemaakt met een vinaigrette van lamsorenmosterd. Recipe (in Dutch)

The lamb's tongue reminds me of dish I used to eat in Tanzania a lot: ulimi ya (za?) ng'ombe, cow's tongue. I'm not sure how it was made but it was served on a plate, sliced into small dice sized cubes with a heap of salt on the side and a small bowl with (presumably) the tongue's stock. It was the perfect late night snack with a big glass of ice cold beer. Dip the cubes in salt, sip the stock and drink the beer... I'll have to recreate this dish one day. Probably as simple as to boil the tongue in water for a couple of hours with bay leaf and some black pepper corns.
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