Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Korean ginseng chicken soup

When you are ill you need to eat chicken soup. In Korea this chicken soup is eaten in summer time to strengthen the body when it's hot. The Korean name is Sam-Gae-Tang.

The recipe is easy. You need a small chicken, one chicken each person, so it needs to be really small.

Stuff the chicken with some soaked rice (sweet rice if you have it), dried Korean dates (also called Chinese dates), fresh garlic, fresh (green) ginseng. Optional are: ginkgo nuts (roasted and peeled), dang-gui and goji berries.

Boil the stuffed chicken in plenty of water and add some of the ginseng, dates, rice and garlic to the pot. Boil for one hour or 1,5 hours. In the last few minutes add spring onion.

Serve with salt for dipping the chicken pieces.

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