Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Salty sea vegetables

Salty vegetables (mostly) originating from the northern Dutch isles, the Waddeneilanden. Recipes will follow.

Zilte Zeekool

Lamsoor (Limonium vulgare)

Kortarige zeekraal (Salicornia europaea) See above photo. Blanched in water with a drop of vinegar. Possible recipe.

Zilte rucola

Zilte strandbiet, Sea beet the wild ancestor of beetroot and sugar beet.

Zilte monniksbaard (Agretti in Italian; Salsola soda in English)

Zeesla, not a vegetable but a green alga.

Codium, a genus of seaweed.

Wakame, not native to Europe but it's grown now in France, Great Britain, Spain and Italy. French name: fougère de mer (fern of the sea).
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