Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Seng Dubu (두부)

Tofu (dubu, 두부) dish in Korean restaurant Damso in Amstelveen. Address: Dorpsstraat 88  1182 JG Amstelveen, Netherlands. The name is seng dubu. I'm not sure, but it seems 'seng' just means 'fresh'.

Use firm tofu, not silken tofu. Serve the tofu warm, heat in liquid or microwave.

Spicy dressing made of: spring onion, sesame seeds, a little sesame oil, plenty Korean soy sauce: gook-kanjang (국간장), black pepper, Korean chilli flakes and fresh chilli. Cut, mix and drizzle over warm tofu.

Interesting side dish: Brussels sprout Korean style. Quite unique!

Korean BBQ: bulgogi (불고기). The lettuce was the wrong shape (eikenbladsla, shaped like the leaf of a northern red oak), so it was very difficult to make a nice wrap.

Patbingsu (팥빙수): summer dessert: shaved ice, milk and sweet azuki beans. Mix well before eating.

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